Listening to our business and private customers

An insurance broker is a truly independent consultant for its customers, whether individuals or companies.

Innovation is an integral everyday part of insurance brokerage. In addition to providing advice, which implies constant scrutiny, auditing, analysis and inclusive management, brokers today are increasingly taking on a proactive role.

The broker designs, manages, compensates, innovates and, in many cases, anticipates the needs of its customers.

In taking on this role, the broker:

• Ensures it has the structure, the high quality personnel, is dynamic and focussed, has a global outlook, develops its services and is committed to involving its customers in future enhancements of these.

The broker will be even more involved in the future :

• Upholding its independence in the conduct of its business, creating real added-value for its customers,
• Acting as an advisor in insurance and risk management.

Cabinet ALBINET is an insurance brokerage company that has been working in the field since 1951. As a creator of innovative solutions we design customised products and services for our customers in the fields of property management, tourism, financial services and collaborative consumption, with the aim of adapting to their businesses in full recognition of the needs of their final customers.

We work with businesses

Helping protect their private and business assets by sheltering these from the risks of accidents, arbitrary events of all types, and claims by third parties. Our objective: To comfort, build the loyalty and protect their customers or their principals through our loyalty programmes.

We work with individuals

By providing totally secure online policy applications and claims management, together with a team that listens to what they want.