Comprehensive Business Insurance

Protecting your retail premises, your business premises

Comprehensive Business Insurance

As part of your business operations, your company has premises, equipment and computers. You use, manufacture, store and/or sell goods or services.

In the course of your business operations, others may be injured or suffer losses.

You may be held liable for these incidents, whether caused by you or by your employees, your business premises or equipment.

The loss or degradation of these assets could result in the total or partial suspension of your operations. This means that Comprehensive Business Insurance cover is a critical necessity.

Using an Insurance Broker means you will get the personalised customer care that best matches your business operations, so that you can then :

- Analyse the financial risks and repercussions arising from an incident (fire, equipment failure, etc.),
- Select and then implement an appropriate risk management approach for your business, including insurance cover, preventative actions and any other solution,
- Adapt your insurance policy cover for your specific protection needs.



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