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ADAR LUXE: Cancellation insurance for up-market short-term rentals in France

All about travel insurance for rentals of less than three months of up-market property

If you are renting prestigious accommodation for your holidays or for a business trip, take advantage of our top-of-the-range insurance policy offering high-level cover. Coverage is at the heart of our insurance policies for luxury rentals, with a ceiling limit of €10,000 in the event of breakage, covering luxury rentals of up to €30,000.

For further information please download our general terms and conditions

ADAR LUXE in a nutshell

A complete offering with 3 essential covers to take the worry out of holidays

  • Cancellation of stay
    Illness, injury, redundancy, administrative summons, major home damage, etc. 


  •  Curtailment of stay
    Illness, injury, redundancy, administrative summons, major home damage, etc.


  • Third-party liability during rental
    Damage to the property or belongings of the owner of the rented accommodation due to fire, explosion, flooding at the rented property, etc...

Adar luxe : Guarantees

Serious illness, accident, death, major home damage, lay-off, professional relocation, roadblocks, any complication due to pregnancy until the 28th week
Deposit / down payment + sums due, limited to €30 000
Serious illness, death, major home damage, unavailability of accommodation
Rent for unused portion of holidays, limited to €30 000
Property damage due to fire, an explosion or flooding
Limited to €1 500 000
Remedy of neighbours and third parties
Up to €450 000
amage to the property or belongings of the owner of the rented accommodation
Limited to €10 000, with a deductible of €150

Underwriting conditions

Only for rentals in France 
Maximum period of cover : 90 days
You must be in good health at the time you take out the policy and  must not have been hospitalised in the 6 months preceding departure.
With the cancellation option: you must take the policy out within 10 days of booking the stay
Without the cancellation option: you can take the policy out the day before the stay

For further information please download our general terms and conditions


Several people are going on the trip. Do we have to take out insurance for each person or for the rented accommodation ?
Cabinet ALBINET : You take out insurance on the rented accommodation; you have to list the participants on the application form. Therefore, you only pay one single premium for all the participants.

Several families are expected to go on the trip. What happens if one of them cancels ?
Cabinet ALBINET : The holiday rental is not cancelled and we will refund the amount paid by the absent family in proportion to the number of participants, therefore the other families will be still be able to enjoy the holiday.

Am I covered if I break the lounge table ?
Cabinet ALBINET : Yes, within the limits of the cover (see table of cover), but you must pay the deductible, the amount of which is indicated in this table.

In the event of a cancellation, will my deposit be refunded ?
Cabinet ALBINET : Yes, if a deposit was paid to the owner.

And what about if I have paid the whole rent ?
Cabinet ALBINET : We will also refund the whole rent.

Does the insurance cover personal belongings ?
Cabinet ALBINET : No. If you have valuables (jewellery, watches) and would like to insure them, contact your insurance company to take out comprehensive jewellery insurance covering the required region. This also applies to nomadic devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.)

What exactly is the ten-day period to take out the insurance ?
Cabinet ALBINET : When your rental agreement is signed or a deposit or down payment has been paid, you have a period of 10 days to take out the ADAR insurance. After this period, you may still subscribe but you will only benefit from all cover after application of a waiting period of 7 days during which no cover may take effect (save Occupant’s Liability, which shall take effect at midday on the day after payment of the premium).

If I am made redundant for economic reasons, am I covered in the event of cancellation ?
Cabinet ALBINET : Yes.

Am I covered if I leave the tap on and cause a flood ?
Cabinet ALBINET : Yes. You will be held responsible. The insurance company will pay for the damage caused in the rented accommodation, with a ceiling limit for damage due to water, fire and explosion of €1,500,000.

If my mother has to go to hospital when I am about to go on holidays, can I cancel the rental ?
Cabinet ALBINET : Yes. The policy covers ascendants and descendants of the first degree, as well as son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, brothers and sisters.

In the event of a natural disaster, like the eruption of a volcano, am I covered if I cancel the rental ?
Cabinet ALBINET : No. Cancellations due to weather events related to the restriction or prohibition of air traffic are not covered by the policy.

If I rent several properties, can all the rented properties be included in the same policy ?
Cabinet ALBINET : No. A policy has to be taken out for each rental.

If I don't have a hard copy of the rental agreement, will the insurance policy apply ?
Cabinet ALBINET : It is compulsory to have a hard copy for rentals in France. This is not always the case for rentals abroad. For rentals in France, even if you do not have a written document, the agreements exchanged concerning the amount of rent, the type of property and the rental period are equivalent to a contract. Caution: under no circumstances can cash payments be allowed.

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