Business Activities Protection

Protect working tools and operations that are sources of wealth.

Business Activities Protection

Businesses are vulnerable to two types of events, some of which are external like accidental damage (fire), others of which are internal (like the presence of a key person).

Insuring against external events

Multi-risk insurance for Businesses
To protect companies from harmful events

Fraud, scam and immaterial sabotage
To protect companies from malicious attacks

Data loss
Intangible wealth protection

Financing directors' liabilities
Because exercising your remit may jeopardise personal assets

Ransom Money extortion
To protect yourself from threats of money extortion.

Insuring against internal events

Key Person Cover
To protect companies from the consequences of a Managing Director's death

Associates coverage
To preserve working tools if one of the Associates dies

Mobilisation of Associates' current accounts payable
To ensure the company is not vulnerable as a result of its financing choices

Evaluating and financing social liabilities
To smooth the impact of retirements over time

How to obtain immediate cash flow
How to obtain immediate cash flow by preparing the transfer of family businesses.

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